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With over fourteen years of industry experience, Rein encompasses both business and technical expertise, making him a valuable all-rounder for clients seeking to develop new platforms fast and efficiently. A skilled UX designer, analytical front-end developer, qualified project manager, and experienced technical consultant, with a background at Accenture, means Rein Groot can fit into multiple roles seamlessly.

Delivering through shared development

As Rein's clients can testify, they benefit not only from his broad experience, expert knowledge and proactive approach but also his drive for quality, shared learning, and professional development of the teams he works with. His ability to bring together proven skills in business planning, technical project management and front-end development under one umbrella means that he is a flexible resource for companies seeking to develop new mobile or web platforms efficiently.

Find out more about Rein's approach, experience and past projects here. If you have a question about a potential project, don't hesitate to contact Rein directly.


  1. Strategy icon


    Having worked with Accenture, Rein is versed in helping clients gain a clear understanding of how to implement the right web development projects. Rein regularly helps clients with strategic audits, analysis, business requirements, planning, and business modeling.

    Core skills:

    • Strategic analysis and advice
    • Business model development
    • Project planning
  2. Development icon


    Uniquely, as a consultant Rein brings together fourteen years of User Experience design and front-end development, providing clients a skilled expert in defining, building and managing web development projects.

    Core skills:

    • Official User Experience (UX) design education
    • Fourteen years of solid HTML, CSS and JavaScript experience
    • Skilled in defining and implementing technical project briefs
  3. Delivery icon


    As a project lead Rein is able to identify potential problems before they impact projects due to practical knowledge and expertise as certified Scrum Master. Being an experienced UX designer and front-end developer, Rein is able to relate to UX, development and business specialists to ensure projects are completed to quality, deadline and budget conditions.

    Core skills:

    • Project management: Certified Scrum Master
    • Cross-discipline expertise
    • Entrepreneurial and result-driven


Do you have a new platform in development? See how Rein can help you develop a modern, user friendly and effective solution that fits your needs. Contact Rein for an initial, free, consultation.